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Maintain Israel's Jewish Identity ​

While Torah From Sinai recognizes that Jews are empowered with free choice, particularly in their beliefs and levels of ritual observance, it also recognizes that for Israel to maintain its standing as a Jewish State it must institutionally retain its TRUE TRADITIONAL Jewish Identity.

Confront Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism in America is unfortunately, becoming the new norm. While the attacks against Jews in Pittsburgh and California garnered a lot of media attention, there are ever-increasing incidents of hate crimes against the Jewish people in the U.S.

Expose BDS

BDS has turned institutions of higher education that had encouraged thoughtful and civil debate into places in which free speech is no longer tolerated. Within 20 years, the college students that are now being inculcated and infected with BDS will inevitably be in federal, state and local politics, and will be community and business leaders. As such, the threat from BDS is something that we must address today.

Instill Jewish Pride

Due to the atmosphere on many if not most of our American college campuses, students are ashamed or scared to state that they are Jewish, or that they support Israel. We must be allowed to stand tall and proud on college campuses when we identify as Jews and support Israel.

Israel: The Eternal Jewish Homeland​

For thousands of years, Judaism has been inextricably bound with Israel. Since 1948, Israel has been a Jewish State based on its original deed – the Torah that was given to us at Mount Sinai, as well as worldwide recognition of the Jewish right to Israel as a homeland. This is a mandate that must be protected.

Perpetuate Judaism

It is self-evident that we need Jews to have a Jewish religion and a Jewish State. Perpetuation of Judaism and Jewish heritage is how our beautiful heritage, religion and culture will survive.

Torah From Sinai


Torah From Sinai is a grassroots movement that was established to promote Jewish Continuity, recognizing that in the United States, Judaism and its continuity are under attack for a host of reasons, all of which Torah From Sinai believes must be identified, understood, and addressed in the appropriate manner.

Torah From Sinai is non-political. We believe that all American Jews, regardless of ideological belief, can embrace the concept that in order to ensure the survival of the Jewish people there must be Jewish people.

At the annual Passover Seder we say that “in every generation they stand ready to annihilate us ” - this is both historically accurate and currently relevant.



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