ISRAEL must retain its

Judaism is often hard to define, as it is a religion/nation/race, and has endured as such while other nations have come and gone. It’s ability to survive is based on its fervent belief in the Torah that was given to us at Mount Sinai. Members of the Jewish faith have sacrificed and suffered immensely for the ability to practice their religion. While Torah From Sinai recognizes that Jews are empowered with free choice, particularly in their beliefs and levels of ritual observance, it also recognizes that for Israel to maintain its standing as a Jewish State it must institutionally retain its TRUE TRADITIONAL Jewish Identity.

Virtually every Jew alive today is the progeny of ancestors who sacrificed so much that their descendants WE can maintain and pass the torch of Judaism to future generations. Torah From Sinai is committed to respecting our Jewish past and shared heritage and embracing its future.

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