Perpetuate Judaism

It is self-evident that we need Jews to have a Jewish religion and a Jewish State. Perpetuation of Judaism and Jewish heritage is how our beautiful heritage, religion and culture will survive.

We believe that every Jewish person, regardless of her or his level of observance, should support perpetuation of Judaism.
Materials explaining our Torah, moral and ethical value system, and heritage should be readily available to those trying to understand the secret of how or why Judaism has survived for so long under very trying circumstances.

Despite all the logical reasons for Judaism to have ceased, for the State of Israel to have failed – with the help of the Almighty the State of Israel is thriving. Dissemination of information starting with the Torah from Sinai about our values, history, dedication, perseverance, tradition of learning and intellectual engagement, the wonderful cultures and varying heritages of worldwide Jewry (from Ashkenazi, to Sephardic, to African) will add depth, purpose and relevance to Judaism. The resilience of our people, and learning about the Torah, which has guided us morally and spiritually, will hopefully inspire Jews to appreciate and perpetuate our Judaism.

Unfortunately, today, more than ever, there are Jews that are feeling detached from Judaism and Jewish tradition and identity. This is a current issue with all established religions. Ultimately, for many of these people the detachment may result in a permanent abandonment of Judaism and Jewish tradition and identity. We must not ignore the unique identity and contribution of every Jew irrespective of their level of connection or ritual observance, and instead, we must love them, embrace them, and if they are willing, show them why Judaism should be embraced and perpetuated.

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